Fractal Server Config

This page documents the valid options for the YAML file inputs to the Config File. This first section outlines each of the headers (top level objects) and a description for each one. The final file will look like the following:

    option_1: value_for1
    another_opt: 42
    option_for_server: "some string"

Command Invocation

qcfractal-server config [<options>]

Command Description

Show the current config file at an optional location.

Looks in the default location if no arg is provided


--base-folder [<folder>]

The QCFractal base directory to attach to. Default: ~/.qca/qcfractal

Config File Complete Options

The valid top-level YAML headers are the parameters of the FractalConfig class.

class qcfractal.config.FractalConfig(**kwargs)[source]

Top level configuration headers and options for a QCFractal Configuration File


class qcfractal.config.DatabaseSettings[source]

Postgres Database settings


class qcfractal.config.FractalServerSettings[source]

Fractal Server settings